Parents Thanks to working memory children start copying behavior and language of parents, thereby acquiring models.

Parents study to control a situation at distance, to expand borders, is to use more words and to look for those who will help the child with development skills, for example school.

Adults understand that it is necessary to teach the child to be independent and to operate itself.

Therefore they starat sya to keep balance between freedom and control.

Tasks of parents, borrowing to the child the frontal lobes, it is possible to divide into two type organization of an environment and direct management.

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Count the number

Count the number Consolidation pronunciation sound H in words various syllabic structure.

The skills of sound syllabic analysis Display pictures of Annex and syllabic trailers Annex .

Speak all the words, separating them into syllables.

Count the number of syllables in all the words to do this, put a hand under the lower jaw, and tell her movements.

Then revenge each item in suitable syllabic wagon.

Pictures next to the trailers it is better to lay out not piles and vertical rows.

And the child, and an adult will be easier to monitor the proper the job.

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Mother felt

Mother felt It very much long put on, had slowly breakfast and watched TV, when at time went to brush teeth and to brush the hair.

Mother felt zayez the wife a plate, repeating all morning Noriko, find the shoes; Noriko, wash; Noriko, bring the backpack that I put food there.

To mother it was not pleasant as its voice sounds, but she understood that without constants on remembrances and helps the girl will not catch the bus.

At last she solved, that that is time that to change.

One night after a dinner they with Noriko sat down also wrote the list of affairs which need to be made in the morning before to leave in school.

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As the call, so the echo. The end crowns

As the call, so the echo. The end crowns Ask adults logo to explain the meaning of each statement.

How do you think, in what cases so they say?

To fight and to fight not of the mind to gain.

Good brotherhood is more valuable than wealth.

Bad fighter criticized father.

Who likes to work hard, to not stay idle.

As the call, so the echo.

The end crowns the deed.

Beauty will get accustomed and the mind will be useful.

Well done against sheep, and against the man and the sheep.

It is necessary to bend, so from a stream to drink.

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Rarely allergic

Rarely allergic Vaccination against rubella can cause a small temperature increase, led increase of lymph nodes, swelling in the joints, rarely skin rashes.

Rarely allergic reactions to those contained in vaccines small sory traces of antibiotics, squirrel bird eggs and reaction to the biological environment, which were used in the production of vaccines.

Revaccination is carried out in years of age.

Must be observed interval between vaccination and revaccination of not less than years.

Is the vaccine given by intramuscular injection into the buttocks or Chuck region.

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